What is Bird Nest (燕窝)?

Bird nest is an absolutely rich medicinal delicacy, and are considered as natural gifts due to their unique source. Bird nests are the nests of birds known as Swiftlets. Swiftlets have an extraordinary ability to build their nests with their saliva. The nests are edible, absolutely safe to eat, and are natural rich source of several nutrients.  

  What is Bird Nest?  Jin Yan Tang Bird Nest Products

Bird Nest Soup 

Bird nest soup is a soup prepared with the nest of Swiftlets. For several hundreds of years, bird nests were prepared and eaten as soup across China. The bird nest soup was once reserved for the royal families.  

At the moment, bird nests soup is available almost anywhere across South East Asia. Bird nest soup is a rich source of nutrients for anyone either old or young and it is safe for pregnant women to eat.       


How Do Swiftlets Build Their Unique Nests?  

Swiftlets often lay eggs and produce offspring up to three times annually. The breeding period usually last for up to 35 days. During the breeding seasons, the birds use their saliva and other items such as feathers to build their nests in high cave walls.  

Swiftlets nests have a unique shape that is similar to the shape of a half moon or a human ear. An average nest has a diameter of 6-7 millimeter, it weighs about 10-15 gram, has a thin wall and a thick base. The entire nest is often whitish in color, though some nest may change color to whitish yellow or red due to environmental factors.    

The female Swiftlets lay their eggs in the nests. When the eggs are hatched and the offspring fly off, the birds abandon the nests. The abandoned nests are the nests humans harvest for consumption.  


Nutrients in Bird Nests 

Bird nest is a natural source of rich nutrients. It contains potassium, calcium, protein and other rich nutrients. Also, bird nests contain ash, lipids (a molecule that include fats) and carbohydrate. Several research findings have also revealed that bird nests contain unique substances that can support cell division.   

Nutrients in Bird Nests

Bird nests are used as Traditional Chinese Medicines (TCM) which is effective for the treatment of several ailments and diseases. The nests have been considered as a good source for anti-aging and anti-cancer treatments. Also, the nest has been known to improve concentration level and enhance libido.   


The Nature of Swiftlets  

Since bird nests have become a unique and important part of food and nutrition, mostly in Asia, it’s absolutely important to understand the nature of the source of bird nests which are Swiftlets.   

Swiftlets are birds that belong to the same family as Swallows, but a unique kind of Swallows named golden Swiftlets. Swiftlets dwell in caves, and are mostly found around the Pacific Island, North Australia, as well as the Indian Ocean in South and South-East Asia.  

A fully grown Swiftlet has an average body length that is within 10cm and 22cm when the wings are fully spread. The body thickness of an average Swiftlet is about 4cm; it has a grayish brown feather with a unique golden complexion. The natural foods of Swiftlets are flying insects. Also, the birds feed on rain water and sip from lakes.      


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