How to Buy Bird Nest(燕窝)  

Bird nest is a rich source of nutrients and natural medicine which has led to a high demand for the nest across South-East Asia and beyond. The demand for bird nest has led to a booming market for the nests and in some cases the market is often flooded with many bird nests. 

Anyone can buy a bird nest, but everyone cannot identify a genuine bird nest from a fake one. We strongly recommend that before you make up your mind to buy bird nest, ensure that you’re buying from a trustworthy retailer such as Jin Yan Tang based in Singapore and with over ten years in the bird nest industry. 

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However, there are certain things to look out for whenever you intend to buy a genuine bird nest.  

Physical Verification 

You can verify the authenticity of a bird nest before purchase, be careful not to purchase pre-packaged bird nest which are often too difficult to verify.  

Appearance : examine the color of the bird nest carefully. The nest should not be absolutely reflective or white. Some bird nests are bleached with chemicals in order to change their color.  

Avoid nests that are absolutely white and reflective, some bleaching chemicals are harmful to humans. Authentic bird nest has a creamy color, while some colors are red in color.   

Size:    All Swiftlets do not have the same size and their nests cannot be absolutely the same. An average nest has a diameter of 6-7 millimeter, it weighs about 10-15 gram, has a thin wall and a thick base. Do not buy bird nests that have the same size in all. While the size of the nests may be similar, it cannot all be the same except it’s man-made.  

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How to identify Fake Bird Nests 

Some fake bird nests makers have learned how to make fake nests appear like real ones. But there are still ways to identify fake bird nests. Fake bird nests are usually made of pig skin, gelatin, fungus, glue and flour, sea weed and tree gum. 


Real bird nests often have the smell of eggs because it was used to keep eggs and raise offspring after they are hatched.  Fake bird nests often have a fishy and bleach smell. Be sure to smell every bird nest properly before deciding to buy.  



Real bird nests are fragile and break easily. Fake bird nests are more elastic; it is bendable and does not break easily. Fake nests have glossy surface, and when touched, it feels like plastic.   

Also, you can soak a small portion of bird nest in water for a while and gently pull the strands, if it loose easily and instantly then it is fake. Swiftlets saliva often solidifies like cements and can take up to 48 hours to fully soak the nests. If the nests break easily in water after few minutes then it is fake nest. 

Health is wealth; a real bird nest has nutritional and medicinal values. A fake bird nest may lead to several health problems. As such, we strongly recommend that before you buy a bird nest in Singapore, ensure that you’re buying from a trustworthy retailer such as Jin Yan Tang based in Singapore, and with over ten years in the bird nest industry.  


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