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For over ten years, Jin Yan Tang has been selling edible bird nests across Singapore, and exporting to other Southeast Asian countries and beyond. As wholesalers of bird nests, Jin Yan Tang is recognized for its quality and sales of natural bird nests. 

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Based in Singapore, Jin Yan Tang supplies natural bird nests to several countries such as Hong Kong, China, USA, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia and other countries in Asia. We supply bird nests to other wholesalers, retailers, and individual buyers who need bird nests at a range of wholesales.  

Grade AAA Bird Nest (CNY Offer @ S$2400/ Kg):

Bird Nest AAA Graded Bird Nest AAA Graded 2

Bird Nest Grade AAA Bird Nest Grade AAA 2

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We understand the relevance and role of bird nest as food and nutrition and as a rich source of medicine. As such, we ensure that all our nests are harvested from natural sources and cleaned under the highest hygienic conditions by people with several years of experience in cleaning bird nests.

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Grade AA Bird Nest (CNY Offer @ S$2280/ Kg): :

Grade AA Bird Nest Singapore Grade AA Bird Nest

Bird Nest AA Graded Bird Nest AA Graded Singapore

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Jin Yan Tang’s Quality over Quantity Business Policy  

At Jin Yan Tang, we believe all our customers deserve the highest quality of bird nests. As such, we have built the success of our business on the policy of offering quality bird nests of the highest standards. We only supply bird nests that are absolutely safe for consumption. 

Large Broken Bird Nest Yan Tiao(燕条): (CNY Offer @ S$2000/ Kg)

 Large Yan Tiao(燕条):  Yan Tiao (燕条)

Yan Tiao(燕条) 3  燕条

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Instant Bird Nest:

Instant Bird Nest  Instant Bird Nest 2

Instant Bird Nest Ready for Use Instant Bird Nest ready to eat

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The source of our bird nests ( 燕窝)are limestone caves or nests build in houses by Swiftlets birds. We give you the unique opportunity to examine the bird nests before purchase. We have built a network of excellent customer service and distribution network to make it easier for all our customers to reach us and receive their purchase conveniently.  


Sources of Jin Yan Tang Bird Nests Products 

At Jin Yan Tang, our bird nests are from some specific species of Swiftlefts which are the following:  

Collocalia Fuchipaga 

Collocalia Fuchipaga is a unique kind of Swiftlets which are responsible for the production of White bird nests. White bird nests are regarded as the highest quality of all bird nests. The Collocalia Fuchipaga uses its saliva to build its nests. The saliva of the Collocalia Fuchipaga is used as gelatinous strands in the nest.  

The Collocalia Fuchipaga’s nests consist of 87%- 97% saliva and other items such as feather. The high percentage of the bird’s saliva in the nests makes the nests very rich in nutrients and minerals. The Collocalia Fuchipaga’s nest is absolutely safe for consumption.   


Collocalia Esculanta 

Collocalia Esculanta is a special kind of Swiftlefts that uses leaves and saliva to build its nests. The Collocalia Esculanta often prefers to use the pine leaves and uses its saliva to glue the leaves to its desired shape and size of nests.  

Also, the Collocalia Esculanta’s nests often constitute 5%-15% of the bird’s saliva. The Collocalia Esculanta’s nests are glossy, transparent and grayish in color. 


Collocalia Maxima 

This unique species of Swiftlefts build their nests during molting periods. As such, the Collocalia Maxima uses its feathers to build its nest and glue the nests together with its saliva. The Collocalia Maxima nest has a cream color has a glossy feel and with a dull appearance.   The nests are made up of 5%-15% saliva and are absolutely safe for consumption.  

All our bird nest Singapore are inspected, regulated and endorsed by the AVA Singapore government to be sold in the Singapore and oversea. Contact us today at Jin Yan Tang for quality bird nests ( 燕窝)and get absolute value for your money.  


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