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Welcome to Jin Yan Tang ( 金燕堂)- Bird Nest Singapore Wholesale and Supplier, a leading company that specializes in the sales of edible bird nests ( 燕窝)across Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Southeast Asia, and other parts of the world. 燕窝的价格 - 新加坡燕窝.

Jin Yan Tang Bird Nest Wholesale Supplier is a manufacturing and trading company established in Singapore and owned a processing factory in Medan, Sumatra in Indonesia. All our bird nests are the natural nests of Swiftlefts which is a unique species of the Swallow family. 

Bird Nest Singapore  

For more than ten years, Jin Yan Tang has been a leading importer, exporter and distributor of edible bird nests to China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, USA’s Chicago and several other countries. Jin Yan Tang Singapore is one of the fews Chinese Birds Nest (燕窝) Wholesale Supplier in Australia.

At Jin Yan Tang, we are committed to exceeding all our customers’ expectations at all times through excellent customer service that is built on the foundation of supplying high-quality natural bird nests. As such, all our bird nests products are handled by experts with several years of experience in bird nests harvesting, cleaning, preparation and packaging.  


Why choose Jin Yan Tang ( 金燕堂)? 

There are several reasons why you may consider doing business with us. And we are delighted to let you know why you should.  

We Supply 100% Natural Bird Nests ( 燕窝)

At Jin Yan Tang, we only supply 100% natural bird nests made by Swiftlefts to all our customers every time, and anywhere. Natural bird nests are the nests built by Swiftlets birds that live in limestone caves or abandoned houses mostly in Southeast Asia.  

Bird Nest Price Singapore

Swiftlefts often build their nests during the breeding seasons to protect their eggs and raise their young ones. The nests are harvested after the young Swiftlefts are weaned and has flown off.  

Only three species of Swiftlefts are edible and safe for consumption and those are the nests we supply to all our customers. The three edible Swiftlefts nests are Collocalia Fuchipaga, Collocalia Esculanta, and Collocalia Maxima. 

We Supply Different Types of Bird Nests ( 燕窝)

All bird nests are not the same, and we are aware that some customers prefer some nests ahead of others. As such, we supply different types of bird nests to our customers based on their demand. We supply white nests, yellow nests and red nests.  

Bird Nest Caves

The wellbeing of all our customers is important to us. As such, we subject all our bird nests to inspection, careful analysis and approval before selling to any of our customers anywhere.  

White Bird Nests: White nests are bird nests that are built with the saliva of Swiftlets who have never mated before (virgin Swiftlets). White nests are viewed as the highest quality bird nests and are the most common bird nests in the market.  

Yellow Bird Nests: Yellow nests are bird nests with creamy colors. The yellow bird nests are produced by the same species of Swiftlets that produce the white nests. However, they are built by Swiftlets that have mated before.  

Red Bird Nests: Red bird nests are nests that have a bright red color. Red nests are often harvested once or twice in a year, and constitute about 5% of all bird nests in the market. Due to their scarcity they are always the most expensive. 

Bird Nest Wholesale Singapore  Bird Nest Wholesale Singapore

We Allow You to Inspect the Bird Nests ( 燕窝)

At Jin Yan Tang, we don’t sell our bird nests to customers blindly. We believe in fair trade and justice. As such, we give all our customers the opportunity to examine the bird nests before purchase.  

Bird Nest ProductsBird Nest Product 2

Seeing the bird nests for yourself will let you know exactly what you are paying for. we give you the freedom to ask questions and make further enquiries as you wish before you make the decision to buy.  

Our Bird Nests are endorsed by the Authorities

At Jin Yan Tang we believe in quality ahead of quantity. As such, all our bird nests are subject to inspection by regulatory agency such as the AVA Singapore  government. Our bird nests have been approved for sales in Singapore and for exportation to other countries.    


We Offer Excellent Customer Service 

At Jin Yan Tang, customer satisfaction is at the top of our business policy. We are only satisfied with our services when our customers are satisfied. We believe people deserve value for their money and we go the extra mile to ensure our customers get absolute value for their money on our Bird Nest product.  

Bird Nest Product 

We have a communication network that allows feedback from all our customers so we can serve you better. Also, we have extensive and effective distribution channels to ensure all your demands are met at the right place and time conveniently.  


Bird Nest Expertise  

At Jin Yan Tang, we believe that whatever is worth doing is what doing well. As such, every area of our business responsibilities is handled by experienced experts who understand the importance of their jobs.

We have professionals at all levels handling their responsibilities effectively and efficiently. You don’t have to worry about dealing with amateurs in any area of our business whenever you choose to trade with us. Professionalism is our watchword and we are delighted to offer professional business services. All our bird nest are import and export through the Singapore Customs who upholds customs and trade laws to build trust in Singapore’s external trading system, facilitate trade, and protect revenue for our customers.

Why Should You Consider Eating Edible Bird Nests ( 燕窝)

Edible bird nests are unique source of food and nutrition and it is 100% natural. Swiftlefts nests are absolutely safe to eat for anyone: babies, kids, and teenagers, adults male or female, young and old. Also, bird nests soup is absolutely safe for pregnant women too.  

Bird Nest Soup Singapore

Additionally, bird nest is strongly recommended for those convalescing as indicated in the bird nest benefits. The nutrients in the nests can speed up the recovery process and makes healing faster. Since bird nest is a rich source of food and nutrition, it is important to carefully examine all the nutrients that are found in bird nest ( 燕窝).     

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